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Karen again next week with Ken. She took him to the basement. There Mary and Karen tied to the cross blade on it and went to work. James and I sat on the couch upstairs, recording all CCTV as we saw. Karen Mary was the first to Ken, but gave him a kiss on the entire body. Mary only sucked his penis and testicles. 'Oh God,' said Ken to enter the face of Mary. Karen left Ken and licked the semen on the face of his friend, a kiss from time to time, and lips. Soon, Ken tubepleasure called them. ' Put your finger in her pussy. Do it. ' This is just stopped and got out of the cross on the shore. Karen was sitting astride him. She leaned his cock to her pussy and started moving his hips. I took my cock in my hand and started before my foreskin back and pull the ring of pleasure. Karen kept moving, and James began to masturbate. in the CCTV Karen sat on the cock of her husband and kissed Mary. On the couch, and I tubepleasure masturbated James. James and I arrived, but was KarenKen still work. He called for ' more. ' Then she came. Even in the closed circuit television saw the blood red. Karen Fanny extend the knee and dried, and then Ken 's face, as she said. 'We're in charge here, huh, ' Then he tubepleasure left to join us for wine. We have a lot of time. Ken was on the cross, sometimes called. the end we must return your calls, but only with your finger fucked both girls. entered the basement. Karen introduced us: 'These are men who aspires to turn the last cock fuck James was harder than I first went, extended lubricant Karen to her husband in the ass, as Mary swung her legs farther apart..... Santiago met in Karen, Ken and I sat the bench beside her husband. I fucked her. Ken looked out of my shaft and beyond. Ken biting her lip. tit grabbed Karen and Mary told us their men happy ' can wave of men and women, and still have a dick in you. ' Karen kissed her head between me and K. sand was James who came first. At that time, Ken, said: ' Fucking Bitch ' Before coming here I left Karen and James held until Ken 's ass. Karen leaned over her husband still tied to the cross. Mary licked her pussy, ass and I beat Ken. James decided by Ken and began to suck. I saw them all. Ken was the only speaker. ' Fucking whore. ' He repeated. My cock slid in and out of him so easily, James had opened and tubepleasure was buried in his office. I pumped my own into the mix. Then I fell to my knees, disappeared tubepleasure from her ass cum. James pulled the tail. He licked my ass. It was just a moment. Then I licked more. James looked at me when I saw him sucking cock. I had no tubepleasure idea what women do, tubepleasure but I felt closer to Santiago than in any other time. Close to our heads, lick and suck on both Ken. Then I felt a warmth. Ken had walked the site and some runs of his penis over his ball and me. Only then I knew what Karen did her ass away from my husband and licked his cum off my face. Finally, he had everything at his side. was Mary who made ​​the announcement : '. Take it home ' Started Karen unbuckle Ken. Mary, James and I climbed the stairs to the big bed
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